• Mala Pinta is a large traditional tango orchestra with the ambition to create new music, made up of ten top-quality tango musicians from the Netherlands and Belgium. The key member is bandoneon player Gerard van Duinen, who arranges all the repertoire. In January 2016 we released our first album Sencillo.
    Tango is rhythmical music that moves moves you physically and emotionally. Mala Pinta creates music that is rooted in the sound of the major orchestras from Buenos Aires, but that is fresh and surprising at the same time. Wonderful to hear and amazing to dance to.
    Argentine tango might appear to be conservative by nature, and shy of innovation. This is not true at all: the genre has shown a huge development in the last century and shows a lush richness of styles and sounds. Mala Pinta fits right in this tradition of creative energy.
    Mala Pinta focuses on creating new traditional tango. We happily refuse to just make covers of the classics. Mala Pinta's music will sound familiar, but has an edge of its own. The deeply felt rhythms and the impressive sound of the orquesta típica will lure every tango dancer to the dance floor.
    Mala Pinta's repertoire comprises mainly new compositions by Dutch tango composers like Gerard van Duinen, Mirek Walton and Margreet Markerink. One of the unique features of the orchestra is that all music is arranged for the group by one person: Gerard van Duinen. He is an experienced arranger who - also as a tango dancer - understands Argentine tango in all aspects.
    In 2015 Mala Pinta recorded their first album. After a very successful crowdfunding we could finance these recordings. We celebrated the release with a big milonga in the RASA theatre in Utrecht. Do you want to keep in touch? Please sign up for our newsletter.